The inherent benefits of a luxury experience make 5-star hotels worth every penny spent. However, every one of us has that innate desire to maximize the value of our budget, which brings us to the question: “how do I get the best possible deal on a luxury hotel?”

Well, for starters, keep an eye out. Hotels always have special offers that you can take advantage of if you’re out for a deal, but it can be quite hard to find them if you don’t know where to look. Here are some tips to get the best out of your luxury hotel stay without breaking the bank.

1. Book a January visit

If possible, schedule your stay in January. Hotels usually have special offers that make staying in inexpensive around this time because there are generally fewer bookings after the holiday festivities in December.

This is great if you want more privacy because you’ll likely have fewer neighbors on your hotel floor, perfect for a romantic getaway.

2. Start your trip on a Sunday

Aside from taking advantage of the off-season, Sunday is also the perfect day to start your hotel stay. Much like in January, there are few people in hotels on Sunday’s because most guests are checking out in anticipation to the start of the week.

Ask the concierge what deals they have for Sunday nights. You might find yourself in the perfect position to negotiate a discount or better yet, an upgrade.

3. Consider the hotel location

People often go for hotels near the city or a tourist attraction, but there are plenty of luxury hotels in neighbouring suburbs, near the airport, and other areas that offer good, convenient alternatives.

Naturally, hotels located smack in the middle of the city will often charge a premium for location. So, if you’re looking for a bargain without sacrificing on quality, a luxury hotel outside the metro area is your best bet. Another bonus is that outside-metro luxury hotels tend to get less traffic, which means fewer crowds and more peace during your stay.

4. Book through the official website

When you book a hotel through a third-party portal, chances are they’ll take a commission for the sale, which increases the sale cost to the hotel. If you make your booking directly through the hotel’s official website, there’s no intermediary and those savings can be passed back to you.

More importantly, when you visit a hotel’s official website, you’ll find out about any available offers then and there. The risk with third-party portals is that new deals offered by the hotel aren’t immediately reflected, which means you could be missing out on a special new offer.

5. Sign up for e-mails alerts on price drops

Spam e-mails are annoying, but when it comes to receiving hotel deals, it may be wise for you to not opt out of e-mail newsletters. Newsletters are a simple way to keep an eye on prices, special deals, coupon codes, and discounts from the hotel.

This way, you’ll be in the loop with the latest news and be the first to take advantage of special offers.

6. Sign up for loyalty programs

Luxury hotel deals are also accessible if you sign up for their corresponding loyalty programs, as they’re one of the best ways to receive free upgrades and exclusive services. Both hotel groups and third-party booking websites offer loyalty programs for regular guests.

You acquire points every time you stay at the hotel and can use them to get perks like a best-rate guarantee, free Wi-Fi, and discounts on other services like the wellness spa.

7. Check in towards the end of the day

Hotel staff generally have a better idea of their occupancy near the end of the day, they’re more likely to offer upgrades that are still available. Most guests will already be checked in for the day, so all the remaining offers and upgrades will be up for grabs (and you won’t have to deal with too much competition).

8. New properties and low introductory rates

A newly-opened hotel usually offers lower rates as initial prices, as it’s still an efficient way to help get the word out and increase business. You should always capitalize on these offers by keeping your eyes peeled for new hotel developments. Find out when they’re launching and get your foot in the door for early bird offers.

9. Use coupon codes

Both hotel and third-party websites offer discount and coupon codes for a cheaper stay. The codes are given before finalizing your booking online. You can find these coupon codes in newsletters, press releases, previous stay invoices, and on third-party advertiser portals.

10. Use perks from credit card and membership programs

Credit card companies give points or miles to customers who use their credit cards to pay for specific hotel groups. If you’re a member of organizations partnered with hotels, you may also get discounts and perks if you present your membership card upon booking or check-in.

Find out what hotel-related perks come with your credit card or association membership. Some of the best offers are hardly visible, so it can’t hurt to ask.

11. Let them know if you’re celebrating a special occasion

A staycation is a great way to celebrate virtually any occasion without too much hassle, so many 5-star hotel occupants are there to celebrate something.

If you let the front desk know that it’s your birthday, anniversary, or honeymoon, you might get a freebie, an amenity upgrade, or even a free birthday cake. Either way, a celebration is definitely a plus.

12. Get rewarded for referrals

Much like the referral bonus at work for getting a friend hired by your employer, some luxury hotels may reward guests if they refer the business to their friends. This may come in the form of points earned on the loyalty program.

Find out if the hotel of your choice has a formalized guest referral program. The simple act of introducing your friends, family, and colleagues could grant you access to a whole new set of special deals.

13. Compare prices through online aggregators

Before finalizing your booking, try and compare prices of your preferred hotels to see which one offers more value for your money. There are third-party websites and aggregators where you can easily compare hotel prices based on your check-in date, preferred room, chosen amenities, and other criteria.

These third-party websites often quote different prices for the same product. So, make sure that the prices on the website are correct and already inclusive of any additional charges, don’t forget to double-check and call the hotel.

14. Consider the packages

Packages don’t just mean waiving amenities that you don’t use or including specific ones that you really need to increase or decrease the price. It also means checking for flight and hotel booking packages that may be cheaper when booked together but will require careful scheduling on your part.

Packages are there for you to enjoy additional savings, but make sure you’re choosing a package that you’ll make full use of. This takes a bit of research, but it’ll always pay off in the end.

Don’t spend more than you need to

The significance of your hotel stay isn’t measured by how much you paid for it. After all, you have to be frugal sometimes to give way for more important things. However, you can still have fun and enjoy a full luxury hotel experience sans the full price.

You’re choosing a luxury hotel because it makes the experience more memorable, not because of the amount of money you spent on it. Don’t sacrifice on the quality of your experience, just be smart about where and how you book, and you’ll be making the most of every luxury hotel stay.
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