Red Double Baccarat

The aim of Baccarat is to place a wager on the hand which totals nine or the closest to nine. You may place a wager on the Player, Banker, or Tie.  Red Double adds a new and exciting option to wager on the outcome of the game after seeing the first four cards.

How to Play

  1. Following standard Baccarat rules, players will be given the option to bet on PLAYER, BANKER, or TIE.
  2. There is no need for players to place a wager on PLAYER or BANKER before playing the Red Double side bet.
  3. Once all bets are placed, two cards will be dealt to the PLAYER, and two cards will be dealt to the BANKER.
  4. After the Dealer deals the initial four cards, if a 5th card is required, the Red Double betting round is offered, where players may place a bet on RED DOUBLE PLAYER or RED DOUBLE BANKER.
  5. Different Red Double odds will be offered on the outcome, based on the totals of the initial four-card deal.
  6. If the initial deal is complete and no further cards are required, no Red Double betting round will be offered.
  7. After the Red Double betting round, if offered, the game will continue in accordance with the Baccarat game rules.
  8. Dealer announces the winner after both hands have been revealed.
    • Winning bets on RED DOUBLE PLAYER or RED DOUBLE BANKER will be paid according to odds showing on screen at the table. Odds will vary based on the initial deal, making every hand a different opportunity to win!
    • Winning bets on PLAYER, BANKER or TIE are paid with any other side bets.