With your safety and peace of mind our utmost priority, we have adopted Contactless Payment in partnership with BDO, as a new and convenient way to pay in our restaurants and bars. Choose your preferred payment platform and scan-to-pay via QR code, or self-swipe using your credit card or debit card. Go contactless and enjoy a worry-free dining experience with us.



Aside from credit and debit cards, what are other payment options available?

Guests may choose to pay via WeChat, Alipay, GCash, or GrabPay.


How to pay contactless?

1. Choose your prefered e-wallet on the terminal.

2. Enter the total amount, then press the green or OK button.

3. Scan the QR code from the terminal with your mobile device.

4. Check if the amount is correct.

5. Enter your password to confirm payment.

6. Once the payment is successful, press the green or OK button on the terminal.

7. Wait for your receipt to complete printing.