There are many different bets that can be wagered on a table. You may choose to change your bet with every spin or play your favorite numbers.


  1. Purchase roulette chips at the table. The color of your chips is of a different color from the other players’ to avoid confusion.
  2. Place your chip/s on the box indicating whichever number or number combinations you choose.
  3. The Dealer spins the ball.
  4. You may continue to place your bets until “No more bets” has been called.
  5. When the ball drops into a slot on the wheel, the Dealer calls the number and places a marker on the winning number.
  6. The Dealer clears the table, leaving all the winning bets, which are then paid accordingly:
    One number (Straight Up) 35 to 1
    Two numbers (Split) 17 to 1
    Three numbers (Street) 11 to 1
    Four numbers (Corner) 8 to 1
    Five numbers (Top Line) 6 to 1
    Six numbers (Six-Line) 5 to 1
    Column 2 to 1
    Dozen 2 to 1
    Low (1 – 18) or High (19 – 36) 1 to 1
    Even or Odd 1 to 1
    Red or Black 1 to 1
  7. When the ball lands on either 0 or 00 (Double Zero), all other bets including outside bets lose.