These days when people hear the songs EVERY TIME I SEE YOU, BEAUTY AND MADNESS, STITCHES AND BURNS, SHOULDN’T HAVE TO BE LIKE THAT, ANGEL, LIGHT AND SHADE, THE DISTANCE BETWEEN US, SOME PEOPLE, COME SUMMER, JUST LIKE ME and LATER on the radio, they are instantly reminded of the New Wave / Pop Rock group FRA LIPPO LIPPI. But very few people remember that Fra Lippo Lippi was an 80’s band composed of two Norwegian musicians named RUNE KRISTOFFERSEN (band founder and bass player) and PER SORENSEN (lead vocals and keyboards).

After Rune Kristoffersen decided to call it quits, the music of Fra Lippo Lippi lives on, and lead singer Per Sorensen continues to keep the band’s music alive through live concert tours.

Per is the composer to most of the cult classics such as “Light and Shade”, “Beauty and Madness”, “Some People”, “Angel”, “Everytime I See You” and “Stitches and Burns”. Then, as a solo artist, he made his own mark with the hit single “Later” which was released in 2003.

Live this coming June 16 Friday, 8:00PM at The Theatre at Solaire

Catch the new wave combination of the year - The Return of The Voice of Fra Lippo Lippi - Per Sorensen with special guest - Steve Hovington of B-Movie & a front-act band, PROGENY.

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