Lucky Ball is a simple and exciting side bet for the game of Roulette. The players will place a separate wager on one of the colored betting areas.

Red 6 to 1
Bonus 120
Green 12 to 1
Bonus 100
Blue 20 to 1
Bonus 75
Green 25 to 1
Bonus 60

How to Play:

  1. Place your chip/s on whichever number or color combinations you choose.
  2. The dealer spins the ball and the Lucky Ball animation begins. Four unique numbers are generated for each colored bets.
  3. You may continue to place bets until the dealer calls “No More Bets”.
  4. Each color has assigned payout odds.
  5. When the ball drops into a number, the Bonus Payout is revealed for the colored bets.
  6. If the ball drops into a number that matches one of the colored bets that you bet on, you win.
  7. The dealer clears the table, leaving all the winning bets, which are then paid.