Poker King Club brings you a world-class poker room offering high-quality and unique poker experiences. Featuring four well-appointed tables at the main gaming area and two luxurious tables at the VIP area, our highly trained service personnel and well-experience management pampers you with excellent customer service


A Player who wishes to participate in a game must first make a reservation with the Solaire Poker Room host. If there is a seat available, it will be given to the player. Otherwise, the player will get on a waitlist, and the Solaire Poker Room host shall contact the player the moment a seat becomes available.

Located at Level 1, near the Bay Tower Entrance.
Guests must be 21 years and above. 

Once given a seat, the player must place on the table, in full view of the Dealer and all other players, the minimum buy-in required in chips. An active player may not reduce his table stake during a game but he may freely add to it in-between hands dealt.


Poker King Club(PKC) was founded in 2009, with its first live poker room opening in Macau. It offers games of various limits from 25/50 to 1,000/2,000. The club was named after a famous poker movie “Poker King,” starring well-known Hong Kong Movie actors Louis Koo and Lau Ching-Wan. Besides running cash games 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it has organized and cohosted various tournaments as well, including the “Macau High Stakes Challenge,” which was the world’s largest single-day tournament with a winning payout of over HKD50,000,000. To date, it is known for hosting the world’s biggest cash game.

In March 2015, PKC moved its operations to a larger, newly decorated room in The Venetian Macau’s Phoenix Hall. The new room boasts a larger space with brand new amenities that enable it to cater to even more poker enthusiasts. Shortly after the move, PKC expanded operations to the Philippines, bringing its world-class poker room and expertise to Manila.