Statement Regarding Unauthorized Facebook Account and Website 


It has come to our attention that official images of Solaire Resort & Casino (“Solaire”) are being used in a Facebook account (“Soltaire Resort and Casino”) to entice the public to play online casino games at “ and”. 

In relation therewith, the public is hereby informed that Solaire is not in any way connected/affiliated with the aforesaid Facebook account and that any reference and/or represented affiliation of the said websites with Solaire in the said Facebook account is completely false and illegal. 

We have already reported the matter to the appropriate parties in order to put an end to the unauthorized and grossly misleading use of our images, registered name and mark. 

Given the absence of any association between the websites “,”. and Solaire, the public is hereby advised that Solaire is not, and will not, in any manner be responsible for any and all transactions made in relation with the said websites and that those who use the same do so at their own risk. 

Lastly, please be informed that Solaire only has one (1) official online gaming website  Should you encounter any online associations with Solaire other than those posted in our official website, Facebook and Instagram accounts, kindly immediately report the same to [email protected].