But before we take a tour around this Italian restaurant, let’s look at some of the nutritional benefits we can get from eating a good steak.
Eat like a king – and stay healthy
For most people, steak and nutrition don’t go together. After all, it’s the equivalent of a food that the health-conscious eat during cheat days, or when there’s a celebration. But did you know that steak actually helps decrease the risk of heart diseases and even cancer?
First, like all meat, steak is rich in protein, which is useful for maintaining muscle mass. What’s more is that the protein in beef contains amino acids like beta-alanine that helps boost muscle performance, thus reducing fatigue and increasing endurance during physical activity (take note, athletes).
Aside from protein, steak also contains nutrients and fatty acids that have anti-carcinogenic properties which reduce the risk of cancer. Some of these nutrients such as riboflavin and vitamin B-12 even help fight free radicals from damaging the cells, preventing a wide range of diseases from Alzheimer’s to heart disease.
But isn’t steak high in fat and cholesterol?
Indeed, some popular cuts of steak like the prime rib and tomahawk do have high fat content. But what is seldom mentioned is that the saturated fat in steak is actually the good kind – it is monounsaturated fat, the same fat found in olive oil, which helps reduce the risk of heart disease.
The same goes for cholesterol. In fact, the plethora of nutrients that come with steak is enough to supersede the perceived negative effects of it.
Now that you know steaks are indeed healthy for you, let’s talk about one of the finest places where you can feast on some of it: none other than Finestra.
A Piece of Italy in Manila
Finestra Italian Steakhouse is known as one of the top Italian restaurants in Manila. Named after the Italian word that means ‘windows’, the renowned steakhouse will surely dazzle you with its luxurious décor and breathtaking view of the Manila Bay upon first sight.
Living up to the reputation as one of the classiest steakhouses in town, Finestra offers an upscale interior that puts the signature in signature dining. From the grand chandeliers hanging from the ceiling to the intricate detailing on the tables and chairs, it almost feels as if you’re right in Italy – except for the assemblage of wall art made by local artists, adding a dash of home to the dining experience.
Of course, one couldn’t fail but notice the grand open kitchen setup, which feels like an orchestral performance with colorful spices and aromas instead of musical notes that fill the air, setting the mood as their expert chefs mesmerize the audience with their culinary excellence and showmanship.
Finestra meals are served the Italian way, in 4 courses: antipasto (Italian appetizer that consists of anchovies, meats, and cheeses), main course #1, main course #2, and dessert. The other option is to just go for the Aperitivo (Finestra’s pre-dinner drinks and hors d’oeuvres), which is perfect for merienda or if you’re having a late dinner.
Many people say lunch is the best time to dine at Finestra because of the Antipasto buffets, but if you’re dining at night, you can always ask for a sampling of antipasto plate for your appetizer. And for all the ladies in the house, be sure to visit the Italian steakhouse every Friday night for Bella Notte (Finestra’s Ladies Night) where you’ll be treated to limitless drinks, buy-one-take-one Aperitivo and serenades by dashing balladeers.
Once you’ve started, you have the choice of either pizza or pasta to grace your first main course, followed by the star of the night – the steak – on the second main course.
And by steak, we mean the finest cuts of steak you can get your hands on around these parts. Finestra imports their beef straight from specialty farms (Australian Blackmore and US Snake River Wagyu) that follow the Japanese marbling scale – the highest standard in beef grade -- so you know you won’t find another steakhouse in town with the same caliber as Finestra.
Executive Chef Alan Marchetti, who was previously from Osteria Felice in Hong Kong, affirms to the quality and authenticity of their ingredients, most of which were imported directly from Italy, thus giving a taste that’s authentic as possible to Italian roots.
For dessert, Finestra doesn’t lack variety that gives the perfect ending note for the night. From the classic Italian tiramisu to their iconic Baked Alaska, you’ll wish you could come back for more.
Book a Table at Finestra Italian Steakhouse
Don’t miss your chance to find out why Finestra Italian Steakhouse was named as one of the best restaurants in the recent T.Dining awards of 2018. As they say, once you’ve got a taste of the best Italian signature dining in Manila, you’ll never want to go back.
Craving a prime cut of Wagyu steak in a luxurious Italian signature dining setting? Reserve a table at Finestra Steakhouse now!