Get a chance to win
an iPhone 8+ and up to 500,000 every week for Diamond members
an iPhone 8 and up to 250,000 every week for Ruby members
Grand Draw
Get a chance to win an iPhone 8 or 8+ or win a guaranteed
200,000 for Diamond members
100,000 for Ruby members
or accumulated jackpot for the week!
Consolation Prizes:
50,000 for Diamond members and 25,000 for Ruby members (up to four winners).
Every Sunday this November | 9:00 PM
Regular Draws
Get a chance to win an iPhone 8 or 8+ every day!
Every Monday to Saturday this November | 9:00 PM
  1. Earn one point each day to gain two (2) entries.
  2. You may choose to drop your two entries in the iPhone box, or the Bonus Peso box.
You may also choose to split your two entries between the iPhone and Bonus Peso box.
  1. Print your entries at any kiosk and drop them in the barrel in Solaire Club.
  2. First player to be called out is the grand prize winner.
  3. If grand prize winner did not claim their prize, it will be passed on the next consolation prize winner.
  4. All entries will be rolled over to the last draw on November 26, 2017.
Terms and conditions apply. The Management reserves the right to alter the prizes and details of this promotion without prior notice.