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Busting Blackjack

Simply make a side bet and win one of the dealer busts.

Busting side bet is an optional and exciting side bet.

The bet wins if the dealer busts. The payout depends on how many number of cards the dealer takes to bust.

How to Play:

  1. Solaire Blackjack rules apply.
  2. Make the optional Busting side bet and entitled to win with the busting pay table.
  3. Have the chance to win both the Blackjack bet and the Busting bet if the dealer bust.
  4. Player may lose their Blackjack bet by busting their hand, and still win their Busting bet if the dealer bust.
  5. The odds, payout is based on the number of cards in the dealer's busted hand. If the dealer busts with eight cards or more, players win the highest odds.
  6. If all players' hands bust, the dealer must still play out his hand according to house rules if any busting bets have been made.
  7. If the dealer does not bust, all Busting bets lose.
Busting Blackjack Rules

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