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Pontoon is a game of 21, similar to Black Jack but played with six decks of cards, with each deck having 48 cards with all 10s removed (Spanish deck).

The objective is to get higher points than the Dealer without exceeding 21. You do this by looking at the two cards you got:

  • Cards 2-9 are valued at the face value of the card
  • Face cards (King, Queen, and Jack) are valued at 10 each
  • Ace cards may be valued either at 11 or 1.

How to Play:

  1. Play will begin when the Dealer announces, "Place your bets, please."
  2. Player may place their bet on the corresponding betting hole including a proposition bet of PAIR. PAIR is paid 11:1 when the player's first two cards are of the same rank.
  3. When the Dealer announces, "No more bets", the Dealer proceeds to distribute one (1) card to each betting Player from left to right and one (1) card for the House. Dealer continues dealing a second card to each betting hole.
  4. Dealer will pay immediately winning pair bets and hands with a Pontoon.
  5. The Player will then decide to either:
    1. Surrender,
    2. Place an insurance bet (if House's initial card is an Ace),
    3. Split (pay an additional bet to split cards if the first two cards dealt to a player are of the same value),
    4. Hit or take one or more additional cards to get closer to 21
    5. Stand (keep the total score of his hand)
  6. Dealer completes his hand.

    Example 1: If you get a King and a 9, it means you have 19. If the Dealer gets 2 Kings, it means he has 20. Dealer wins.

    Example 2: If you get a King and Ace, you have a Pontoon. You are automatically a winner and will get paid straight away 3 to 2 even without the Dealer's completed hand.

Payouts and Odds

Super Bonus Payout Odds

When the Player has 7-7-7 of the same suit and the Dealer's first card is a 7 of any suit, the Player wins the Super Bonus, which pays out according to the following:

  • Wagers of P999 or less will win P30,000
  • Wagers of P1,000 or greater will win P100,000.
  • If a round of play has a Super Bonus winner, all other original wagers (regardless if winning or losing) will be eligible to receive a bonus payment of P1,000.

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