Solaire Mid-Autumn Festival

Celebrate the Mooncake Festival with Solaire's exceptional mooncake selection
featuring 11 special flavors found in traditional, Teochew, and snow skin mooncakes
to celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival.


This year, Solaire offers an exceptional mooncake selection that comes in 11 enticing flavors.

Gaze up the moon while enjoying every bite of these delicacies that were crafted especially for you.

Each mooncake set comes in stylish and unique packaging.
A beautiful box colored in vivid red embellished with an artistic illustration of the story of the Moon Festival, and a sleek
white mini-chiller that can be your personal trove. 



Mooncake Festival 2022


Meet the Chef behind our artisanal mooncakes

This year, Chef Jason prepared an exceptional mooncake selection: 11 flavors spread across five kinds of mooncakes. Solaire’s mooncakes were made with reunions in mind. From the youngest to the wisest and most respected member of the family, there is a mooncake for every one to enjoy. Created with the best ingredients by our talented bakers, you will delight in the harmony of flavors our mooncakes have - whether it be a special Dalmore-infused mooncake, traditional baked, or a lolli-pop snow skin mooncake.
Each kind is a fitting centerpiece for your celebrations or a heartfelt gift to your loved ones.


Mooncake box reservations are temporarily not available.


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