More than good manners, luxury settings also encourage a certain level of sophistication in terms of conduct. Especially in a 5-star hotel, conducting yourself with class and poise is always appreciated.

Additionally, the perfect 5-star hotel guest knows how to navigate these upscale necks of the woods with perceivable luxury hotel know-how that enables them to flesh out the most perks. So, whether you’re a regular or an occasional guest, projecting a little finesse and luxury hotel-savvy should cement the fact that you belong right in.

To further help you on that, we’ve listed a few pointers to keep in mind. Read on and brush up on how to be the perfect 5-star hotel guest.

Don’t Forget Your Front-Desk Manners

Aside from table manners, a 5-star hotel guest should have equally stellar front-desk manners. A truly seasoned luxury hotel guest maintains poise even when they encounter a queue as they are about to check in or out. They don’t rush the front-desk officer, don’t slam their Prada chain purse on the desk, or start stomping their feet and drumming their fingers impatiently on the desk.

Remember, if the officer can’t attend to you the moment you arrive, you can trust that it’s for a very good reason. The agent may be wrapping up something urgent for another guest. Rest assured, 5-star hotel agents will always acknowledge you whether it’s a curt nod, or a quick greeting to tell the guest that they’ll be attending to them shortly.
If you have an emergency and need to check-in right away, then ask for the agent’s attention politely.

Don’t swear or complain loudly. You do not want to be the rude guest that causes a scene by shouting and cursing at the front-desk agent. Not only is it severely unclassy, but it also won’t get you any closer to your room, as it would get you faster out of the hotel premises.
Emanate Cool
Take it from etiquette expert, William Hanson who penned The Bluffer’s Guide to Etiquette:
“At check-in and throughout your stay, don’t act like you’ve never been at a five-star hotel before… You want to act as if you stay at five-star hotels every weekend.”

Now, we’re not saying that expressing your appreciation for the lavish furniture and crystal chandeliers isn’t welcome (we like it when people remind us that we’ve done a great job), but loud exclamations and repeated poking of decorative ornaments should be kept to a minimum.

Remember that you want to project a sense of nobility, a sense of belonging in a luxurious environment. There’s no need to go overboard with the pretending, just behave like someone’s watching.

Minimize the Selfies

While we’re still on acting cool, don’t go crazy with selfies and photo-ops. Excessive picture-taking around the hotel, particularly in the lobby and hallways, not only gets in the way of other guests, but also gives away (or falsely conveys) that you’re not used to 5-star grandeur.

Don’t be the guest that stops in front of every hotel ornament and blocks the way of other guest for a selfie. You’re cooler than that.

Dress For the Occasion

While there is no strict dress code in most parts of a 5-star hotel, there is an unspoken rule to dress classy.

In an interview with Daily Mail, Hanson maintains that part of the whole five star-hotel experience is following a set of codes, including dressing appropriately. 5-star hotels convey luxury and prestige, and the guests are expected to reflect those as well. In fact, restaurants in a 5-star establishment can refuse you entry unless you’re in at least semi-formal attire.

A good rule of thumb to observe is to dress in smart casual business attire. Hanson suggests that a smart pair of chinos or slacks paired with collared shirt should do the trick.

Exude Savoir-faire on the Dining Table

Obviously, restaurants in a 5-star hotel are as fancy and lavish, if not twice, as the hotel itself. Needless to say, the refined behaviour expected from the hotel guests are extended and more often that not, given more emphasis at the signature-dining areas. Case in point, restaurants in 5-star establishments typically require their guests to be in sharp business attire.
In an Insider interview, dining etiquette expert Julia Esteve-Boyd gently reminded us of lesser-known dining table manners that when observed will definitely impress your cultured peers and result in you being highly regarded.
For starters, Esteve-Boyd advices that yelling "Garcon!" or "waiter" to get your server's attention is considered uncouth at 5-star restaurants, and that asking for ketchup and mustard is borderline offensive. Moreover, waiting until every single one of your expected company is seated before proceeding to order a drink is customary.
Esteve-Boyd also dissuades 5-star diners from placing their handbags on the table. Another less obvious but highly regarded practice includes breaking the bread instead of cutting or biting into it. Interestingly, and contrary to popular belief, drinking with your pinkie finger out is seen as pretentious rather than refined.
When using the napkin, blotting gracefully is the vogue as opposed to wiping the napkin across your mouth. And to further flaunt your signature-dining savvy, do the “silent service code” to tell the sommelier that you are done with your dish. Place the napkin to the left of your plate with the silverware arranged in a 4 o’clock position on your plate. You can expect a server to come to your assistance promptly afterwards.
For more tips to class up your dining experience, check out Solaire’s Guide to Signature Dining Etiquette.
Earn the Respect You Deserve

For sure, top-notch accommodation and stellar service at a 5-star hotel are expected, and hotel staff members will assist the fussiest and rudest of guests to the utmost of their ability with an unfaltering smile and courtesy.

But when you’re an outstandingly gracious guest, you can trust the staff to go above and beyond what is expected of them to make sure your stay is as cozy and hassle-free as physically possible. They will want you to come back after all.

Using basic phrases like “excuse me,” “thank you,” “you’re welcome,” and “please” with the staff or fellow guests as needed goes a long way. Keep in mind, courteousness and proper etiquette is a value that not only the hotel staff is required to uphold, but also yours as a guest of a prestigious establishment.
As cherry on top, conducting yourself with sophistication can only result in your peers holding you in higher esteem. So on your next 5-star staycation, keep these tips in mind and stay classy!