Statement Regarding Unauthorized Selling of Solaire Scents

It has come to our attention that there are vendors/merchants who are in the business of selling various hotel fragrances one of which is branded as Solaire, through online market places and e-commerce websites. We would like to inform the public that these are not the original scents of Solaire. These are not legitimate items and are not affiliated with Solaire. The unauthorized use of our brand name and logo is in violation of the Intellectual Property Code of the Philippines.

Our signature hotel scent is exclusively crafted for the Solaire brand by one accredited supplier, and is not for sale. Authentic Solaire merchandise can only be bought in the property’s Solaire Boutique. We advise against the purchase of any questionable goods or items bearing the name and logo of Solaire which are sold online or on other retail channels for the safety of all consumers.

You may report fraudulent sellers or businesses to us by calling 8888-8888.