RUBY AND DIAMOND MEMBERS

Ruby and Diamond cardholders who are able to upgrade and/or maintain their accounts from July 2018 to June 2019 are entitled to the following Welcome Gifts:
Ruby           -  Samsung J8 and Smart Postpaid Plan
Diamond     -  Samsung S9 or iPhone 8 and Smart Postpaid Plan
                        (Actual phones may vary depending on availability.)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
1. What are the inclusions of the Smart Postpaid Plan?

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Service:                   Inclusions:
Call                            Unlimited calls to Smart, Sun & TNT + 500 call minutes to other networks
SMS                           Unlimited SMS to all networks
Data Allocation         Non-stop surfing (Unlimited Data)
*IDD calls, Roaming, and Pasaload services are deactivated.
2. How many months can the Solaire Rewards Smart Postpaid plan be used?
You can use the Postpaid Plan for twelve (12) months after the SIM activation. The Smart SIM card and the Postpaid Plan will be deactivated after 12 months.
3. Can I convert my existing Smart Prepaid SIM to a Solaire Rewards Smart Postpaid?
No, you cannot convert a Smart Prepaid number to a Postpaid one.
4. Can I change my existing Smart Postpaid Plan to Solaire Rewards Smart Postpaid?
Smart Postpaid does not currently allow changing of any existing Smart Postpaid individual subscription to a corporate one.
5. Whom shall I call for Smart Postpaid inquiries regarding the existing plan usage?
Solaire Rewards Members can call the Smart Hotline at *888 for Postpaid inquiries.
6. Am I allowed to transfer load via Pasaload to another Smart prepaid subscriber?
No, the Pasaload service is deactivated for Solaire’s Postpaid plan.
7. Whom shall I call if the Smart Postpaid SIM card provided was lost or defective?
You can visit the Solaire Rewards Main Counter for the SIM card replacement. Same number and SIM card will be issued upon request. Replacement of the SIM card may take 7-10 working days.
8. What if the phone unit provided is defective?
Units have a 1-year warranty. This will be repaired/replaced free of charge if due to factory defect and/or hardware failure. Warranty does not cover customer negligence resulting to physical or internal damage and cosmetic problems. You may visit Service Centers accordingly. Call the following contact persons ahead to ensure that they can be assisted prior to proceeding to the Service Center.
Samsung Contact Person   - Kester Sy: +63 996 8886888
iPhone Contact Person       - Remon Salvosa: +63 917 5773862 or [email protected]
Asus Contact Person          - Rina So or Chona Montecastro +63 922 8641182 or +63 2 3728915
Note: The defective Smart phone may also be taken to the Solaire Rewards Counter, where a representative will forward it to the supplier for checking and/or replacement.