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Roulette is one of the oldest and most famous casino games. It was believed that Blaise Pascal introduced in the 17th century a primitive form of Roulette in his search for a perpetual motion machine. Since 1796, Roulette has been played in its present form. It is played with a wheel that has alternating colored pockets in red and black. The Dealer spins the wheel while a small white ball is spun in the opposite direction. Players will have to guess which pocket the ball will land in by placing chips on the table layout.

Players may use various colored chips and the value of each depends on the table minimum.

How to Play:

  • Place your chip/s on the layout on whichever number you choose.
  • The Dealer spins the ball.
  • You may continue to place bets until the Dealer announces "No more bets."
  • After the ball lands on a wheel pocket, the Dealer will announce the winning color and number, followed by placing a dolly marker on the winning number on the layout.
  • The Dealer clears the table, leaving all the winning bets, which are then paid out.


Roulette Payout

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