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Baccarat Rush

Play the fastest Baccarat variant where quick wins and big payouts happen!

Baccarat Rush is an exciting Baccarat game variant with a fun twist. Playing the game is as follows:

  • A player may bet on either Player or Banker's hand.
  • Only one initial card is dealt to each hand. The Dealer will announce the value of each card, with 10, JACK, QUEEN, and KING having zero or no point value, ACES worth 1 point, and 2 through 9 worth their face value. If the value of the card is 9 (the highest possible) or 8, it is a natural win.

Following the hitting rules of Baccarat, the Dealer may draw the second card for each hand as illustrated on the right:

  • The Dealer will announce the winning hand based on the point total of the two cards, the point total being the sum of the value of the two cards. If the final value of the hand is more than 9, drop the first digit to get the point total.

Example: If the cards are 8 and 5, their point total is 13. Dropping the first digit (1) makes it a 3-point hand.


Player - wins if Player card total is higher than Banker, pays 1 to 1
Banker - wins if Banker card total is higher than Player, pays 1 to 1
- wins on 6 points which is higher than Player, pays 1 to 2


Tie - wins if the Player and Banker have the same point total, pays 8 to 1
Pair - wins if the first card of Player and Banker have the same face value regardless of the suit, pays 11 to 1
Mega Six - wins if the winning Banker point total is 6. Pays 12 to 1 with one card and if with two cards, pays 20 to 1

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