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Lunar Poker

How to Play:

  1. The dealer will ask for bets, Ante Bet & Super Bet is mandatory and must be table minimum for each player. For other players, they can bet on the dealer's Super and other players' Super with defined minimum Super Bet.
  2. The dealer will then deal 5 cards to each player and 5 cards to the house, with the last card being a face up.

Settlement of Instant Pay-Outs
(Side Bets)

  1. After card distribution, the dealer will then ask the players if they have any Super or any Progressive because it must be settled first before continuing to the main game itself.
  2. Players, upon checking their hands, have the option to continue play or fold.
  3. Before opening any of the hands for the settlement, the Dealer will ask for all the bets of the other players to be locked in.
  4. The Dealer will then settle left to right per hand if there are any winning Super or Progressive bets.

Game Proper

  1. Players must wager an amount equal to their Ante to be able to exchange or buy a 6th card. Then Dealer will either exchange cards or give the players their 6th card from left to right. Upon checking of cards, players will now decide if they wish to continue with the game by placing double the Ante Bet or surrender the Ante Bet and fold.
  2. After exchange and 6th card distribution, Dealer will now open house cards and check for Dealer's Super. In the event that the Dealer has Super, the Dealer's Super Bet will be paid.

      Player Win - Bet will be paid according to odds. Ante Bet has no payment.
      Dealer Win - Bet and Ante Bet lose.
      Tie - Bet and Ante Bet both are push
      1. Ante Bet will be paid even money if the player opted not to force the Dealer. This will all be settled before proceeding to changing the highest card if other players bet to force the Dealer.
      2. Force the dealer - player will bet an equal amount to Ante. Then, Dealer will collect the payment for forcing to exchange the highest card. Dealer will replace it with a card from the remaining stub.
        Dealer will then read the new set of 5 cards if the house qualifies or not.
        1. QUALIFIED - Player's cards are now opened and will be paid accordingly.
        2. NOT QUALIFIED - All remaining bets push.

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