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Mega 6 Side Bet

Give your game an added level of excitement with the Mega 6 side bet, an optional bet where you have the chance to multiply your winnings by up to 20 times!

Mega 6 is available at Pit 2, High Limit, and Solaire Club.

How to Play:

  1. Players may wager on either Banker or Player.
  2. Players have the option to wager on Tie, Pair, and/or Mega 6 side bets.
  3. If the Player and Banker have the same number of points in a hand, it's a Tie and pays 8:1.
  4. If the initial two cards of the Player and Banker have the same value, it's a Pair and pays 11:1.
  5. Get the Mega 6 if Banker wins on 6 with a total of 3 cards, which pays 20:1. If Banker wins on a 6 with 2 cards, it pays 12:1.

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