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Money Wheel

Fun, exciting, and easy to play, the Money Wheel is a great game for first time casino players and remains a thrilling experience for experienced gamers.

The Money Wheel is played with a wheel, whose rim is divided, by means of pegs, into 52 equally spaced sections. These sections are marked with symbols with their respective odds payable on top. These symbols match the betting areas on the layout.

How to Play:

  1. Place your bets before the dealer spins the wheel.
  2. The Dealer spins the wheel. Once the wheel stops on a symbol, the Dealer announces the result.
  3. The Dealer removes all losing wagers, and pays winning wagers at the listed odds.
  4. If the wheel stops and the flapper is in between two symbols, the spin shall be void and the dealer will re-spin the wheel.

Money Wheel Odds

Mini Roulette Rules

NOTE: Players are responsible for the correct placement of their wager and are responsible to accurately account for all of their wagers.

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