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Texas Hold'Em Poker

3 Elements of Progressive Texas Hold'em Bonus


  1. Heads-up play against the Dealer
  2. Bonus bet based on the Player's hole cards
  3. Progressive bet

How to Play:

  1. The Players make an Ante bet to play against the Dealer and make a Bonus bet to play the two-card pay table.
  2. To play for all or part of the incrementing jackpot, the Players may also make the progressive bet.
  3. Each Player will receive two cards. Once the cards were reviewed, the Player may either fold of stay in the game by making a Flop bet twice the Ante.
  4. When the Dealer revels the first three community cards, the Player may either check or make a Turn bet of one time the Ante.
  5. When the Dealer reveals the fourth community card, the Player may either check or make a River of one time the Ante.
  6. Once all the Players have made their final bet the Dealer reveals the final community card as well as his two-hole cards.
  7. If the Player's five-card hand beats the Dealer's hand, the Payers Flop, Turn and River bets pay 1 to 1 if the Player's cards contain a straight or better; otherwise it pushes.
  8. If the Dealer's hand beats a Player's hand, the Player's Ante, Flop Turn and River bets lose.
  9. The Players may also place a “Bonus” wager and/or "Progressive Jackpot Wager" provided they have placed an “Ante” wage on that round of play.
  10. A Bonus bet is an optional wager placed prior to the two initial cards being dealt, it entitles the Players to a Bonus payout if the Dealer’s hole cards qualify (see pay table); otherwise, the Bonus loses.
  11. A progressive wager is an optional wager placed prior to the cards being dealt. It entitles the Players to a jackpot payout if the Players hands qualify; pays when the Player has otherwise, it loses.
  12. The top award (100% of the jackpot) it a Player hits a Royal Flush.
Winning Bet Payout Odds
Flop 1 to 1
Turn 1 to 1
River 1 to 1
Ante 1 to 1
Bonus Bet Payout Odds
Pair of Aces (Player's hand and Dealer's hand) 1000 to 1
Pair of Aces (Player's hand only) 30 to 1
Ace - King (Suited) 25 to 1
Ace - Queen (Suited) or Ace - Jack (Suited) 20 to 1
Ace - King (Unsuited) - Jack (Suited) 15 to 1
Pair of Kings / Queens / Jacks (High Pairs) 10 to 1
Ace - Queen (Unsuited) or Ace - Jack (Unsuited) 5 to 1
Any other Pair (Tens through Twos) (Low Pairs) 3 to 1

*(Must include at least 1 Hole Card)

**(Must be formed only by Community Cards)

Best of 7 Cards Payout Odds
Straight Flush 250 to 1
Four of a Kind 100 to 1

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